World’s Best Father: Dave Engledow with Daughter Alice Bee

World’s Best Father: Dave Engledow with Daughter Alice Bee

Remember Jason Lee and the crazy pictures of his beautiful daughters? Well, it seems that he’s got some serious competition fighting for the World’s Best Father award. Dave Engledow is creating probably the wackiest scrapbook ever showing himself and his daughter Alice Bee in highly precarious situations.
The first picture of him holding Alice Bee like a football and pouring her milk into his coffee was never intended to turn into a series, but the fans on the Internet demanded otherwise after seeing it. The key item in the shot became the “World’s Best Father” mug, bought just last minute before taking the picture. Later the same mug was featured in nearly every shot and gave the name to the series.
When he realized that the pictures were becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, Dave decided to publish a small-run 2012 calender. After it was swept from the stores, he is now set to release a larger run for 2013. His ultimate wish, however, is for his daughter to have something to treasure as years go by.


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