Mind-Boggling Gifs of Melting Portraits

Mind-Boggling Gifs of Melting Portraits

It's one thing to allow paint to streak and drip down a canvas, but photographer Ben DeHaan creates the same trickling technique with photographs for his series titled Uncured. The photographer's portraits in the mind-boggling series seem as though they are melting right before your very eyes. How does he do it? It's actually created with an ordinary printer missing one key step.
Traditional printers treat the image they are reproducing onto paper with UV light, a process that allows UV sensitive inks (typically used in commercial digital printing) to dry instantaneously and avoid messy blots and smudges. DeHaan says, "When uncured, the ink remains toxic and fluid. I am exploring the use of these printers without their essential element, UV light, in what I like to think of as a new process – UV uncurable inkjet printing perhaps?"


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