WTF Is She Wearing: Jennifer Lawrence at Paris Fashion Week

WTF Is She Wearing: Jennifer Lawrence at Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence usually bats .1000 on the red carpet and at big events, but the Oscar winner whiffed mightily with this outfit — simply because the pants have such a split fashion personality.
The actress, now a Dior pitchwoman, wore a pair of the brand’s billowy, harem-style trousers at the Christian Dior Couture fashion show in Paris on Monday (July 1). She paired the pants with a cute, cropped pink top, showing off her trim midsection. But those pants …
No, they were not as hideous as Miley’s Hall of Shame bottoms, but they were an anomaly. The only thing semi-saving this outfit was the fact that J. Law exuded effortless cool behind a pair of Dior shades.
Notice one leg has pleating and the other has print. One is voluminous while the other feels more straight-legged. It’s as though the designer couldn’t decide which trend to go with so instead opted for both. Tailored? Flowing? Tailored? Flowing? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
See, even fashion brands can be wishy-washy.


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