Historical Photos Colorized And Brought Back To Life

Historical Photos Colorized And Brought Back To Life

In a world of continual status updates, countless photos, millions of videos and internet speeds that continue to bring us information faster than ever before – there’s little time to catch your breath. Forget having a quiet moment for reflection or contemplation, even that’s now been consigned browsing a Wikipedia page on your smartphone.
Yet pausing occassionally to sit back and soak in our history can prove invaluable A glimpse into our past, provides powerful reminder of just how far we’ve come as a society and also, how some things never truly change. Recently we’ve taken you back down memory lane into Life In 19th Century New York, shown you the Childhood Photos Of The World’s Most Brutal Dictators and even put together this unique list of 30 Must-See Photographs From Our Past - but today we’re doing something different.
We wanted to add a new twist by highlighting a series of historical photographs that have been brilliantly brought back to life in colour. These colorised photoshopped images are interpretations based solely on the drawings, fashion and art at the time. But they give us a closer connection to our past and serve as proof that not everything about our history is always black and white….


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