LEGO’s New ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Tower Of Orthanc Is Pretty Amazing

LEGO’s New ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Tower Of Orthanc Is Pretty Amazing

One of the cool things about having young nieces and nephews is that I can buy them the latest and most awesome LEGO sets under the complete guise that I’m going to help them put them all together so they can play with them. But what they don’t realize is that they’re mine! They’re all mine, so they have to keep their grubby little fingers off of them! Next up on the list? The relatively new Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc set that just debuted on the official LEGO online store.
Back in April, the three designers behind this awesome toy project recorded a video (after the jump) explaining what the massive tower would come with, and for the hefty price of $199.99, LEGO enthusiasts and LOtR fans get the six-floor tower, 5 character figures, as Great Eagle and their very own Ent. Although, for $200 I should be able to summon my own army of Uruk-hai.


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