UFC 162's Silva Vs. Weidman Gets The Taiwan Animation Treatment

UFC 162's Silva Vs. Weidman Gets The Taiwan Animation Treatment

Yes, that is Anderson Silva kicking through the Incredible Hulk’s chest.
UFC 162 goes down tomorrow night, and Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has come through in the clutch with the best-possible preview of the show’s much-anticipated Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman title fight. Instead of arguing about whether Silva’s strikes will give him the advantage over Weidman’s ridiculous wrestling ability, Taiwan Animation has Silva kneeing off Iron Man’s head and Weidman using M.U.S.C.L.E. attacks on WWE’s John Cena. Yep. Oh, and the video ends with (who I assume is) Arianny Celeste beating up both of them.
You should know the drill by now. Watch the video below, share it with everyone you’ve ever known, and drop down into our comments section to let us know whether Chael Sonnen could beat up that raccoon with a gun from Guardians Of The Galaxy, or whatever.


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