Exclusive Preview: 'Demon Knights' #22: The Comic you should Read

Exclusive Preview: 'Demon Knights' #22: The Comic you should Read

Demon Knights is DC's high fantasy series featuring Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, and a whole host of DC's fantasy characters as they fight magical menaces and dig up surprising ties to other DC books. And now they're after what all magical super teams have to search for eventually: The Holy Grail.
The book is engaging not least because it's had a string of superb writers. Paul Cornell launched the book with the concept of a magical Magnificent Seven, and it's currently being written by Robert Venditti, who isn't shy about, say, having Vandal Savage stomped by giants if it serves his plot (and also if it happens to be pretty funny). Also, as we'll see, it's a bad idea to try and mug a bunch of magic users...


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