Adorable Love Illustrations Filled With Twists and Turns

Adorable Love Illustrations Filled With Twists and Turns

Spain-based graphic designer and illustrator Marta Colomer (aka Maruta) is behind TuttiConfetti, adorable character illustrations about love, relationships, and life. Though quite simple, the illustrations are often paired with short stories that are filled with twists and turns. On the surface, you can enjoy many of these cute works for what they are, but take a moment to read some of the stories and you'll be in for quite the surprise.
The 39-year-old freelance illustrator describes TuttiConfetti this way, "To me, it has become a wishing well where I drop all my hopes, my sorrows and even my particular life point of view. I try to talk about everyday things but without falling into sentimental and kitschy stereotypes. Inspiration comes to me day by day, looking at whatever is going on around me including the happenings of today's society, with all the rights and wrongs.
"My illustrations go a little bit beyond a simple drawing, throughout them I try to address common people with everyday problems but with a witty speech. My goal is to make people think and grin at the same time."


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