How The World's Greatest Minds Influenced Each Other

How The World's Greatest Minds Influenced Each Other

Over the centuries our understanding and interpretation of what creativity is, has altered drastically. The more we’ve experimented with it, the more we’ve learnt.
For starters, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it needs to be paired with knowledge to maximise its potential. Secondly, creativity and curiosity make the perfect partnership constantly driving each other and finally, you actually need to create in order to be creative. The last point seems self-explanatory, but the world is full of individuals out there who deem themselves “creative”, talk lots and produce little.
The root of all forms of creativity lies within the power of inspiration – without that spark, we’d still be fumbling around in the darkness. Thankfully, the following individuals have had a truly illuminating effect on our world – inspiring the scientific , artistic and philosophical communities to new daring heights.
The ‘Circles Of Influence’ is a fascinating infographic that looks at the symbiotic relationships historical figures have had with creativity. Meticulously mapped out by Michelle Legro and Maria Popova and elegantly brought to life by illustrator Wendy Macnaughton it’s a revealing look at how the world’s greatest minds influenced and inspired one another.
Even the very best need a little push every now and then.
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