Wimbledon Champ Andy Murray Is Courting Us Pretty Hard

Wimbledon Champ Andy Murray Is Courting Us Pretty Hard

Even if you don’t watch tennis, by now you probably know that Andy Murray won Wimbledon yesterday — and we certainly wouldn’t mind helping him drink some champagne out of the giant gold chalice of a trophy.

I don’t watch tennis; in fact, I don’t watch sports of any kind, but that’s not keeping me — and you, if you’re anything like me — from swooning over Andy Murray. I mean, he looks like Andrew Garfield after a hard night of drinking turned him into a legit man.
Not to say that Andrew Garfield isn’t manly, of course, but Andy Murray looks like Andrew Garfield on a testosterone high. And he’s athletic, which gives him another sexy advantage.
Anyway, Murray is also the 2012 Olympic tennis champ — which makes it even more remarkable that as a child, the Scottish hottie was diagnosed with a problem in which the two parts of his knee never quite fused together like they’re supposed to. Clearly, though, he overcame that to kick major ass on the court, thus making him all the more inspiring.
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