9 Series To Binge-Read On Marvel Unlimited

9 Series To Binge-Read On Marvel Unlimited


The Marvel Unlimited app seems perfect. Ten bucks a month and you get most of the Marvel Comics catalogue from the beginning of time all the way to six months ago. Unfortunately, bugs and glitches relegated it to being an exercise in annoyance until its newest update about a month ago finally made things more functional. When you finally get to the app, the unending selection may seem overwhelming (even with a pretty nifty search engine), so I'm here to help you grab nine series to binge read. Every series run here runs at least about 30 issues deep so you can occupy your summer of sh*tty TV shows and *gulp* baseball with some quality comic reading. These are also good jumping-on series to get your friend or girlfriend who's not into comics yet introduced. So there you go.

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