Watch: A Life-Size Dexter Birthday Cake Isn't Creepy At All

Watch: A Life-Size Dexter Birthday Cake Isn't Creepy At All

We were busy celebrating America on the 4th of July, so we missed Michael C. Hall’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the Dexter Final season. Hall was charming, as usual, in talking about how getting mistaken for his Dexter character is not so bad when he’s waiting in line at a grocery store. He also mentioned that he had a friend who had once promised him that, if Hall changed his name to “The Force,” that friend would give him half of his earnings for THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Fun Fact: Because there’s already a Michael Hall in the Screen Actor’s Guild, not only does Michael C. Hall have to use his middle initial, but the same guy was responsible for the addition of Anthony to Anthony Michael Hall’s name.
Anyway, the best part comes in part II of the videos below, where Jimmy Kimmel shows Michael C. Hall pictures of a life-sized birthday cake made in the image of Dexter, which is awesome if you like the idea of slicing up Dexter. I’ve also included several pictures of the cake, which are not creepy at all, compliments of Miss Cakehead. The details are impressive.
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