Floating Umbrellas Once Again Cover The Streets in Portugal

Floating Umbrellas Once Again Cover The Streets in Portugal

Do you remember the colorful Floating Umbrellas installation in the streets of Agueda, Portugal we posted last year? This year, Sextafeira Produções has once again hung up hundreds of colorful umbrellas, transforming your shopping experience or the afternoon walk into a Mary-Poppins type of adventure!
The colorful sight was captured by photographers Patricia Almeida and Pedro Nascimento, and the pictures went viral on the Internet in no time. Just like the last year, Patricia was one first ones to post them on flickr giving everyone a chance to take a virtual walk in the most colorful street of Portugal.
“I felt like a kid, amazed by all that color!” says Patricia about how she felt under the umbrellas. The best part, besides looking awesome, is that the installation also protects everyone from rain and sun.
The project is part of the local Agitagueda art festival, and will be up throughout July, so make sure you stop by if you’re traveling nearby!


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