Hipster Dinosaurs Are Making A Greatest Hits Comeback

Hipster Dinosaurs Are Making A Greatest Hits Comeback

Ah, the halcyon hipster-ribbing days of 2010. Many of you are too young to remember, but back then you could mockingly use phrases like "mainstream" and "before they were cool" with reckless abandon and everyone in on the joke nodded and smiled. Then larger media outlets started churning out hipster exposes and you heard your mom use the term once and it was all over. And the best sitcom take on the phenomenon isn't even a sitcom anymore. We have to go back!
Well, thanks to the internet's mandatory recycling program, Molly Lewis's brilliant "Hipster Dinosaurs" are making a comeback on Tumblr, Twitter, and various other places in a holy-sh*t-remember-how-funny-hipster-jokes-were-I-never-saw-this-inspired-coloring-book-before-check-it-out sort of way. And it's really hard to deny they're still pretty wonderful.
First timers, sit back and enjoy. Return appreciators of the finest in web culture, sit back and re-enjoy in the most meta* of fashions.
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