Here's A Magnificent Time-lapsed Look At The City Of Dubai

Here's A Magnificent Time-lapsed Look At The City Of Dubai

We’ve already featured one stunning time-lapse video this week, but we couldn’t resist showcasing this gorgeous video by Vimeo user Dimid
Using a Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20 mm 3.5, Canon 24-105 mm 4, Sigma 30 mm 1.4 and Benro C-257 tripod he’s captured the center of Dubai in the in breathtaking detail. Dubai itself is located on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, it’s one of seven emirates that combined form the United Arab Emirates.
Over 500K people have already experienced the video, which should be more than enough of an endorsement of how fantastic it is. Dubai’s bustling streets, open canals, majestic skyscrapers and sheer opulence are all on display in glorious detail.
But it doesn’t end there, along with the video, he’s also released a series of images from the trip. He’s photographed the blazing heat of the day to the glowing lights of the city at night and everything in-between. You can see all the eye-candy goodness via his official Flickr page.
After this collection of stunning work, we can’t wait to see which country his visits next, can you?
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