Photographer Has Been Taking Terrific Selfies For 12 Years

Photographer Has Been Taking Terrific Selfies For 12 Years

Here’s some fantastic inspiration to kick start your day.
Photographer Jeff Harris has been embarking on a photographic project that has lasted 12 years. Each day he took a new portrait of himself and the world around him – but this isn’t just one giant ego trip. Whilst our social networks are flooded with endless ‘selfies’, Jeff has deliberately pushed himself to experience new environments, situations and emotions to ensure the photograph he took each day, was more interesting than the last.
“I would make all these resolutions to keep a diary, but by February they would fizzle out. That’s when I realised I could make 5mins in a day to take a self portrait. I started in 1999 and a lot of the earlier shots were very repetitive and boring, but the longer I did it, the stronger my visual sense became. It’s one of those things the longer you do it, the harder it is to stop.”
His unique & creative photographs have been featured in both Cancer Connections: Images of Hope and Courage Across Canada & Auto Focus: The Self-Portrait in Contemporary Photography
He’s even put together a warm and genuine video, detailing the highs and lows of his story, his traumatic battle with cancer, how it’s changed him and what his future potentially holds.
So next time you’re about to take a selfie, think of Jeff and how he might have taken it.
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