The 10 Best GOB Bluth Inspired 'Hello Darkness My Old Friend' Parodies

The 10 Best GOB Bluth Inspired 'Hello Darkness My Old Friend' Parodies (9 photo + 1 video)


GOB Bluth's internal/external loneliness as soundtrack'd by Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" to parody the closing scene to "The Graduate" is one of the many, many Season 4 Arrested Development gems out there that deserve further appreciation, and now that we've gone beyond the binge on both GOB-centric episodes (here and here) I can finally highlight some of the internet's finest GOB-inspired parodies of the parody, mostly involving other iconic television characters who also know the darkness all too well. But first, to help us get reacquainted, here are all the instances of the gag from Season 4 in one convenient mashup. Thanks internet!


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