Oh, Capcom: 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' Is Coming Early 2014

Oh, Capcom: 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' Is Coming Early 2014


EVO 2013, the world’s highest profile fighting game tournament (and celebration of fighting games in general) went down this weekend, and during the event Capcom revealed that there’s yet another new version of Street Fighter IV on the way. Because, come on, of course they did! Ultra Street Fighter IV will feature a range of gameplay tweaks, a number of new arenas, and most importantly, five “new” fighters. So far Hugo, Poison, Elena and Rolento have been announced (giving this latest version of Street Fighter IV a very Street Fighter III-ish flavor). The good news? This latest iteration of SFIV will be available as a $15 DLC pack for those who already own Super Street Fighter IV. Exceptionally generous by Capcom’s standards! Hit the jump for a trailer…


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