'Deus Ex: The Fall' Is A Great Game On The Wrong Platform

'Deus Ex: The Fall' Is A Great Game On The Wrong Platform


One of the problems console developers have had with the boom in tablet gaming is that they all look at tablets, with the wealth of possibilities a touchscreen offers for innovative control schemes, and decide “We should try and make this a controller!” It never works. And Deus Ex: The Fall is a superb example of that, alas. The game itself is great in almost every respect. It’s a bit like the PS2 predecessor Deus Ex: Human Revolution never had: It’s got sidequests, multiple weapons, plenty of augments, a beefy-for-mobile running time of six to seven hours, and branching story options that give it replay value. It’s not as rich and complex as the game it’s based on, but it’s richer and more complex than most mobile games, or console games for that matter, bother with. It is also a fairly linear game compared to its console counterpart, but it’s a game you’ll play twice for seven bucks. 

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