You Can't Hide From 'The Wolverine' Videos

You Can't Hide From 'The Wolverine' Videos (1 photo + 4 video)

The Wolverine opens in fewer than two weeks, but we feel as though we’ve seen it already after the many trailers, clips, and featurettes released so far. Now Fox has released four more clips for us to nervously watch while muttering, “please don’t suck, please don’t suck“. It isn’t exactly reassuring that the Viper takes off the same glove twice in the last clip.

As for the other clips, they show the meeting of Wolverine and Harada (The Silver Samurai), the meeting of Wolverine and Yukio (dude loves to meet new and interesting people), and what we assume is a nightmare sequence involving Jean Grey. Am I supposed to laugh at that Jean Grey clip? Were they trying to make it not seem cheesy? To quote Jean Grey, it’s too late.

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