The 8 Most Recognizable Guitar Riffs Of The 2000s

The 8 Most Recognizable Guitar Riffs Of The 2000s

There's a difference between "good" and "recognizable." Not that the two can't be mutually exclusive, but, well, let's put it this way: you'd probably notice Kim Kardashian in a crowd before you would Vince Gilligan, not because you think she's somehow "better" than him, but because she's Kim Kardashian, magazine star/The Soup punching bag, and he's Vince Gilligan, the humble, pasty showrunner. Kim is the "recognizable" -- Vince is the "good."
Today, in taking a look at some of the most immediately discernible guitar riffs of the 2000s, I want to stress that just because Metallica or Mastodon aren't on this list doesn't mean they can't still write the crunchiest of motherf*cking riffs (they can); it's because nothing, for instance, Metallica has released this century is as rapidly perceptible to the general listening public as what Muse put to the tape back in 2001. Though the Muse riff is great.
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