10 Reasons You Need to Stop Complaining About Summer Right Now

10 Reasons You Need to Stop Complaining About Summer Right Now

“It’s so hot outside.” “Can’t summer be over?” “UGH. So hot outside. Thanks, Obama.” That’s what you think you sound like right now. “Blahblahblah mememe moomoomoo” is what your constant summer griping actually sounds like to me.
Maybe instead of complaining about how bright the sun is (are you serious?), you should be thankful that you don’t have to wear pants for at *least* two more months. No pants. And this does not only apply to ladies. If I saw a dude in a skirt right now, first I would probably think “Hey dude, Bonnaroo was several weeks ago and in a different state,” but then I would probably think “Right on, sir. Right on.” Also, did it not occur to you that 95 degree weather is a permission slip for unlimited tiki drinks? Seriously, everybody needs to stop complaining about summer. Right now. Here’s why.


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