Residents Thought Woman Stuck In Wall Was A Ghost

Residents Thought Woman Stuck In Wall Was A Ghost

We’ve all been there. You want to spice things up in your life, but rather than skydive or buy a new hot pot, this one in blue, NOT red, you instead look for a shortcut to your home, and end up getting stuck in a wall, and scream for help, and everyone assumes you’re a ghost, and you’re in China, and you’re a middle-aged woman. Classic.

Having gone too far to turn around, the woman, from China’s Anhui province, became entrenched in brick and concrete wall. Screams, however, proved of little help, as building residents naturally assumed she was a ghost. Ultimately, a passerby, realizing her screams did not emanate from the grave, called for help.
Yes, it’s just another one of those hijinks we get into every day, like scheduling two dates at the same time on the same night, and then you get stuck in a wall at Burger King when you should be at McDonald’s.
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