Photographer Beautifully Merges NYC Into The Grand Canyon

Photographer Beautifully Merges NYC Into The Grand Canyon

You’d be forgiven for doing a double-take with the following images, such is flawless nature of photographer Gus Petro imaginative manipulations.
Whilst on a trip to the US last year, he felt inspired to start two different projects, one called Dense and the other Empty. One centred on photographing the built up streets & tall skyscrapers of New York City, the other shifted his focus to the vast hollow spaces of the Grand Canyon.
But when he was back home in Switzerland, he hit upon the novel idea of incorporating both sets of photographs into an entirely new series. He’s calling it Merge, placing the bustling New York City itself deep inside the heart of Grand Canyon with breath-taking effect.
“After showing the images, most of the people who haven’t been in either place thought it was real. They began questioning me where it is. I didn’t expect that for sure.”
You can see more of his superb work via his official site - which two places would you like to see him merge next?
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