Spooky Algorithmic Images Create The 'Face' Of A Film

Spooky Algorithmic Images Create The 'Face' Of A Film

Every film you’ve seen, no matter what type of format or device you’ve seen it on, is a continuously moving composition of frames. But stock standard movie posters aside, how can you truly encapsulate a film’s mood & its characters?
Well, enterprising and artistic duo Shinseungback + Kimyonghun have come up with a succinct solution for that very question.
Together, they’ve pulled together a series of faces from the likes of The Matrix, Black Swan, Avatar and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and created an algorithmic composite of frames used in the movie which contain faces. They’ve used a facial recognition tool which automatically detects any face every 24 frames – as the movie continues, frame by frame, it begins to generate “the face” of the film itself. The images themselves provide a haunting almost dreamlike summary of the films they represent, The Matrix for example contains the dingy green colour filter used throughout the film, whilst the Avatar composite is ambiguous and gender neutral.
What movies would you like to see them generate next? Let them know, by getting in touch with Shinseungback + Kimyonghun via their official site
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