11 WTF Moments You Can Expect On Public Transport | So Bad So Good

11 WTF Moments You Can Expect On Public Transport | So Bad So Good

Public transport an affordable way of getting around, a necessary evil and the incubator for the weird, wonderful and random from all walks of life. The majority of the working week spent commuting, is largely unmemorable –but there’s always those odd occasions where you find yourself confronted with some the most unusual situations. You know those days where the Universe points at you and boldly declares “Prepare for a giant serve of WTF!”
It’s on those days, that your hum-drum daily commute suddenly gets turn upside down into a whirlwind of awesome mixture with a tinge of terror – all kindly brought to you by these following 11 individuals.
Still, at least you’re not getting the train in Japan right?
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