'Simpsons' Comic Book Guy Guide To Being Worst. Nerd. Ever.

'Simpsons' Comic Book Guy Guide To Being Worst. Nerd. Ever. (32 photo)

Now that San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone for another year, it's time for us to look back and say: the hell was that? Comic-Con isn't without its charms — the TV and movie panels can occasionally be illuminating and funny, the costumes are a pleasant distraction, and there's, y'know, all those actual, honest-to-Jebus comics — but it's also maddening and smothering and comically over the top, without any sense of irony. And then there's the comic book guys, whom are the meaty sweaty arm pits of the Nerd world. Essentially, Nerd culture is made up of these people. We love them. But at the same time...they're really gross. A demonstration? Scroll down.

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