New Crazy Resident Evil Attraction At Universal Studios Japan!

New Crazy Resident Evil Attraction At Universal Studios Japan!


Universal Studios Japan recently opened their latest adrenalin pumping attraction. It's a live-action shooting attraction called "Biohazard The Real" and is basically a simulation of the Resident Evil. Visitors are equipped with a 700 gram 'model gun' that has thirty virtual bullets before they enter in groups of eight. The attraction has two stages. First one has two routs, the Racoon City Police Department and the Hospital. When the first stage is cleared the group enters the Umbrella Research Center for some serious action. The goal is obviously to shoot the zombies and other creatures that pop out at you at every corner in the final battle to eradicate the virus. The whole thing takes around ten minutes and is one of the scariest and unforgettable experiences out there. Check out these pics.

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