Bold And Colourful Artworks From The Streets Of India

Bold And Colourful Artworks From The Streets Of India

India, home to some 1,200,000,000 people is a true melting pot of the world. Rich and poor, educated and illiterate, pristine penthouses and expansive slums it is a country that sums up the best and worst of ourselves in many ways.
One of the great wonders of the world The Taj Mahal serves as a stunning example of beauty and art colliding in unison. Yet amongst India’s crowded suburbs in some of the poorest areas in the country, art still thrives breathing vitality, life and colour into the community.
Here’s 19 artworks and street murals from around India that highlight that art isn’t solely about what your see on a tourist map, sometimes the best way to experience a country’s culture is to go off the beaten track and find a few gems of your own.
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