Gaga Goes Dark and Makeup Free as an Old Lana Del Rey Song Surfaces

Gaga Goes Dark and Makeup Free as an Old Lana Del Rey Song Surfaces

A Lana Del Ray song from four years ago leaked this week, and the track takes aim at Lady Gaga — but Mother Monster is too busy dying her hair black and being fierce and makeup free to notice.

The song, titled ‘So Legit,’ throws serious shade at Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) for going mainstream, with lyrics like, “You’re looking like a man / You’re talking like a baby / How the f– is your song in a coke commercial, crazy? / I don’t get it / Your taste once exquisite”
If anyone was confused about who the song was talking about, Gaga’s fellow New York native then croons, “Stefani, you suck I know you’re selling 20 million / Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg” / “Oh girl, I see you walking round in your pearls / Thinking that you’re number one / You’re so funny / Cause honey you’re not”
And just to drive the point home, she finishes with, “What happened to Brooklyn? / What happened to the scene / Baby, have we all gone Gaga crazy?”

But if Gaga is feeling the burn, you’d never know. She seems pretty preoccupied gearing up for the release of her album ARTPOP, being the highest paid celeb under 30, posing nude for V Magazine, and — as you can see above — going fresh-faced for photos (rocking newly dark hair, to boot).
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