Meet Rafe Spall, the British Star of ‘I Give it a Year’

Meet Rafe Spall, the British Star of ‘I Give it a Year’

There’s a great little romantic comedy that you might have heard people buzzing about — it’s called ‘I Give it a Year,’ and while the entire cast is simply aces, we’ve got to hand it to the leading cutie pie Rafe Spall, who delivers some extra swoon-factor.
In ‘I Give it a Year,’ Spall portrays a playful guy married to a more serious, career-driven wife. No one thinks it will last, especially when both of them wind up meeting people who are perfect for them. It’s a fun, unexpected twist on the romantic comedy genre, and Spall proves he can play the swoony leading man, no problem. And damn, guys, he’s really cute.
You can catch ‘I Give it a Year’ via most cable OnDemand services or rent it on iTunes. You won’t regret it.
Spall has also appeared in ‘The Life of Pi’ and ‘Prometheus,’ and appears with Rachel Weisz in the upcoming stage play ‘Betrayal.’ He’s not quite a big deal in the acting world just yet, but his star is definitely on the rise, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy pretty soon.
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