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'47 Ronin' Is Basically 'Lord Of The Rings', But Japanese

'47 Ronin' Is Basically 'Lord Of The Rings', But Japanese (1 photo + 1 video)


Imagine, if you will, a movie about the Alamo that features a Bollywood actor with a steampunk missile launcher killing Mexican cyborg assassins, led by a ninja who’s really an alien. That’s pretty much what 47 Ronin is doing to a Japanese national legend, much to the amusement of the Japanese. It’s kind of a shame, actually, because this looks pretty good for what it is: A big-budget version of a high-fantasy wuxia movie, only with all the pretentious trappings Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon made mandatory dumped in favor of CGI. OK, so it doesn’t look like a classic, but that said…

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