4 Unseen Characters Who Need To Be Cast

4 Unseen Characters Who Need To Be Cast

If Parks and Recreation is ending after its next season, the show’s sixth, then it’s sure as hell going to use as much of NBC’s money as possible. Just this week alone, creator Michael Schur announced that a nice, little chunk of the budget will be spent on guest stars Heidi Klum, as a small-town Denmark mayor, and Henry Winkler, who will play Jean-Ralphio’s dad. And before that, Leslie Knope’s new Eagleton rival, Kristen Bell.
This news is (not) the WOOOOOOOORST. Don’t stop now, Ken Tremendous, continue with your casting revelations. After the jump, we have suggestions for who should play two of Parks‘ occasionally mentioned, but never seen characters, as well as other similar ideas from eight different shows.
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