Nymphomaniac teaser video: Shia Labeouf tries to do British accent

Nymphomaniac teaser video: Shia Labeouf tries to do British accent

Yew sound loik yow from Lawndawn!
Yesterday brought us the latest (NSFW) still from Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, and today we have a teaser clip from the same “chapter,” which is called “Jerome.” It details young Joe – Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character, the younger version of whom is played by Stacy Martin – and her sexual encounter with dopey oaf Shia Labeouf and his weird combover. In this clip, he gets to try out his English accent! (I think?) Doing sex scenes, speaking in a British accent… Shia’s really making a play for “serious actor” status here. I heard he also wanted to wear Holocaust pajamas and play the cello but was overruled. “So Lars, I was really thinking my character should speak in iambic pentameter–no wait, hear me out….”
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