Let's Potato Chips Are In Every TV Show Ever

Let's Potato Chips Are In Every TV Show Ever

9 published an interesting article today that links the televised worlds of Community, Orange Is the New Black, Homicide: Life on the Street, and St. Elsewhere that maybe isn’t so much “interesting” as it is “WTF.” Still, there’s some good stuff in there, including the connection between Community and Orange: Let’s Potato Chips, the preferred salt-based snack of none other than Leonard Rodriguez and Poussey Washington.
According to Community‘s Wiki, Let’s, an obvious parody of Lay’s, right down to the similar design, have actually appeared in more than a dozen TV series, including Arrested Development, New Girl, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and The Middle. Lest you think the distinctive bag only appears in good shows, though, there’s also 2 Broke Girls. There’s no accounting for taste…except for Let’s. You can count on them being good for the family!
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