Man, the Price of Being a Superhero Sure Has Gone Up a Lot

Man, the Price of Being a Superhero Sure Has Gone Up a Lot

Seeing as how it’s an unbreakable metal, the adamantium that laces Wolverine’s bones is probably hella expensive. But, cripes, it costs a whole hell of a lot more now.
Mashable put together a set of infographics that postulates how much various Marvel and DC superheroes need to shell out in their crime-fighting lifestyles. It’s a fun group of images but, c’mon, no way are batarangs six dollars each. And could Wayne Manor ever have been as cheap as $3,800? Even in 1938? And how many zoning laws do you think the batcave violated? You know none of that construction had a permit, either. You’ve gotta account for the palm-greasing graft, uh, campaign donations, Mashable. And Clark Kent taking the subway? What if his super-hearing catches wind of an emergency? Is he just gonna bust through the F train tunnel to get there in time? Next, you’ll tell us that Matt Murdock buys new designer shades every three months. Can someone run that through an inflation calculator and see what the results is? Be sure to imagine a totally unreasonable price for blind ninja lawyer sunglasses first!
Yoga retreat for the Hulk is pretty funny, though.
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