'Cop Selfies' Confirms The Sad Fact That Even Cops Take Selfies

'Cop Selfies' Confirms The Sad Fact That Even Cops Take Selfies (8 photo)

Selfies. People who are not teenage girls do actually take them, sadly. Would John Wayne, the iconic American male, strike a pose in a mirror, whip out a smart phone and snap a photo of himself to send to someone? You know damn well he wouldn't!
Which is what I find Cop Selfies -- a Tumblr devoted to, well, cop selfies -- a little heartbreaking. Cops aren't supposed to take selfies, dangit! Back in my day, the cops just did things like pop you for speeding in a school zone and help you unlock your car when you accidentally locked the keys inside. Now they're taking selfies? America is OVER! And here is some of the evidence...

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