What If The 'Game of Thrones' Houses Were Modern Companies?

What If The 'Game of Thrones' Houses Were Modern Companies?


If Game Of Thrones were set in the modern day, what would the Great (and not so great) Houses of Westeros do for their riches, besides murder and espionage? Every great fortune needs a legitimate veneer, after all. Shutterstock created Game Of Brands, a set of fake ad campaigns and brands for those power-hungry families participating in modern-day capitalism. Things haven’t changed much. House Targaryen is still dominating the sky. The Lannisters continue to pay their debts while also proffering investment advice to help you manage the lion’s share. The Baratheons are your source for security guards, while The Arryns will get that message across Westeros with their many satellites and servers. The Greyjoys are now running maritime expeditions. (Will there be hot dogs served onboard?) The Freys run Frey Celebrations, a division of The Lannister Investment Group. They’ll help you plan that wedding, and what ever could go wrong? And Stark Outfitters can provide the gear you need for any extreme weather conditions. Winter is coming, after all. Some of our favorite examples are collected here (minor spoilers). You can check out the rest of the ad campaigns, and the rationalization behind each, over at Shutterstock. Thanks to The High Definite for the assist.

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