Artist Redesigns Portraits of Masculine Figures in Pink

Artist Redesigns Portraits of Masculine Figures in Pink

The Pinks is a series of portraits by painter Scott Scheidly that transforms male political and pop culture figures using a pink color palette. Iconic, masculine characters like Blondie (played by Clint Eastwood) in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are given a redesign to reflect the power that the color pink has over public perception and one's perceived identity.
Pink, a color often associated with docile femininity, is regarded as an emasculating hue. Some have argued that the alteration in the color of these typically masculine figures alludes to a re-examination of sexuality, though the artist's intention is more so about evaluating the rosy pigment itself. He says, "[P]retty much every time I see a write up on the series it refers to it as 'gay'. However in a nutshell it’s how color and symbology can change perception."


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