New Daft Punk Tribute Features Dancing Pictogram Men

New Daft Punk Tribute Features Dancing Pictogram Men

Designer Matteo Civaschi and his team at Milan-based creative studio H-57 just came out with a hilarious new tribute to Daft Punk's hit song Get Lucky. Using those classic pictogram men they've come to be famous for, his group created an awesome video that you can't but want to watch from beginning to end. (Though it gets good at :50 seconds.)
"It all began just by animating one of our 'graphic men' (those we use in our short stories) to the rhythm of Get Lucky, just because it was fun. Then, we enjoyed it and started to figure out different moves and steps. Everyone here contributed their own dance!
"Soon we decided to make a real video, a tribute to Daft Punk.
"It took about 14 days, including many nights awake. Now we're tired but happy, so we'll probably go to bed, together with our computers that are still smoking after the last render."


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