Larry David's Jimmy Kimmel Visit Was Just One Big Stand Up Act

Larry David's Jimmy Kimmel Visit Was Just One Big Stand Up Act

Which is a very good thing.
Larry David doesn’t make many late night talk show appearances — for all the obvious reasons — but last night he dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an extra long visit to both make up for cancelling on Jimmy previously and to promote his mysterious Clear History HBO movie where he looks unrecognizable.
We’ll get to that a couple videos down though, because Larry was in no rush. As you’ll see in the first clip above he starts bagging on Jimmy’s obnoxious sliding reveal door right from the beginning, and from there segues into how great cancellations are, and the whole thing just turns into one big casual standup session where Kimmel plays set-up man. Which is tremendous because no one wants to hear Larry David talk about how great it was working with so and so, they want him to talk about how he hopes a script doesn’t have night scenes so he won’t have to work in the evening.
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