The Definitive Career Timeline Of 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul

The Definitive Career Timeline Of 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul

I don’t exactly know why this is true, but the Internet has a deep fascination with Aaron Paul’s pre-Breaking Bad filmography. People rightfully went berserker when Jay Leno revealed that Paul had been on the Price is Right back in the day, and last week, Leno also unearthed Aaron Paul’s (terrible) stint on the original Beverly Hills 90210. Whenever people spot Aaron Paul in a before-he-was-famous role, we get emails. We appreciate those emails. It’s how we found out he was in Birds of Prey. Yesterday, in fact, an awesome reader, FallOutBoy (The Radioactive Man Sidekick, not the Band) sent us screen shots of Aaron Paul in his episode of Bones. Why FallOutBoy was watching first season episodes of Bones, well, that’s a question we probably shouldn’t ask.
However, it got me thinking: Let’s just knock this all out at once. Let’s dig up photos from Aaron Paul’s entire career timeline, from 1999 — when he moved to Los Angeles — until 2014, when he’s set to appear in Need for Speed, a movie about a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate (I’m far more excited for his 2013 role in A Long Way Down, the adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel).
So, without further ado, here’s photographic evidence of most of Aaron Paul’s movie and television roles (at least the ones with available images on the Internet). He has gone through some bad hair phases, folks, but I gotta say, nerdy Aaron Paul is my favorite early Aaron Paul.
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