A Retrospective On 50 Years Of Flight Attendant Fashion

A Retrospective On 50 Years Of Flight Attendant Fashion

You know what they say about fashion, that ultimately everything ends up being recycled, reinterpreted and brought back into the mainstream. But it’s hard to have a reference point when the outfits of yesteryear a stacked in boxes and stored in countless attics around the world.
That’s The Museum Of Flight why just south of Seattle, USA is such a rare find. Housed within their walls is an historic collection of US flight attendant outfits spanning from 1930 through to 1980. It’s one of the few places that has managed to collect and preserve some iconic uniforms worn by the trusty flight attendant, who’s actual career in the skies spans some 80 years.
So what changed from 1930 to 1980? Unsurprisingly pretty much everything! Boots replaced shoes, skirts replaced dresses, brights colour replaced the drab, big hair came and went and yes, even tartan made an appearance.
Here’s your unique guide to the style down the aisle as it were – anyone else wish we could bring the good old days back?
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