15 Surprising Examples Of Superman Being A D***head

15 Surprising Examples Of Superman Being A D***head

He’s one of the most iconic and oldest superheroes of all time. the man of steel, the devilishly handsome and decidedly buff Superman. And whilst many of us think of him as virtuous and wholesome character with an iron clad set of morals – we’re sadly been erroneously mislead. You see, it turns out Superman is actually intensely misogynistic, incredibly manipulative, often uncaring and certainly more than a little selfish. Surprised? We were too, until we stumbled upon an entire movement dedicated to “Superman is a dick” created by our friends over at Superdickery
They’ve hunted down and collated over 300+ examples of The Man Of Steel at his very worst stretching as far back as the 1940′s! You can see the full list right here, but in the meantime prepare to raise your eyebrows and shake your head in disbelief as we look at 15 damming examples of Superman being a total dickhead.
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