Showcasing The Body As Art 10 Striking Tattoo Portraits

Showcasing The Body As Art 10 Striking Tattoo Portraits

Unlike these 32 awful tattoos that will make you lose faith in humanity, gifted photographer Eddie McShane captures 10 unique individuals whose bodies truly are works of art. His subjects vary in age, gender and size yet they all share a deep passion for self-expression.
You can be sure that a lot of work and indeed money went into the following tattoos which McShane has documented in vibrant detail. Through his candid & emotive portraits, you’re able to gain a compelling insight into the individual behind the persona and ink. The key figures in their lives, their religious beliefs, their childhood street to even their favourite furry friend – are all etched and documented into their skin.
Make sure you view the full series via McShane’s official website:
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