Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal 2013

Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal 2013 (22 photo)

The majority of the artworks we feature on the site are either hanging from gallery walls or spray painted onto city walls. One of the last places you’d expect to find works of art is amongst the flora and fora in your garden.
But that’s precisely what you’ll find on display in the Montreal Botanical Garden’s right now. As part of the  Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 – Land of Hope (MIM2013) 50 mind-blowing artworks from around 20 countries are on display – all of which are comprised from natural materials.
Hundreds of leaves, branches, flowers, vines, roots and meters of foliage are twisted and styled into some of the most stunning creations you’re every likely to see. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the entire exhibition is 100% sustainable having received green certification from the city itself. You’ll be pleased to know the exhibition still has a few weeks to run, it ends on September 29 2013. Tickets range between $10.25 and $29.50, incredibly reasonable for a day that will surely take your breath away don’t you think?


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