Watch 'Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical'

Watch 'Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical'

Here are a couple things that happen in the first minute or so of Internet heroes Rhett and Link’s newest video, a Breaking Bad musical starring children: 1) While singing an upbeat intro song, four children use the symbols from the periodic table to spell out “CANCER”; and 2) Child Walter White explains that he is going to begin making the purest rock candy the town has ever seen, then Child Jesse Pinkman (who is AMAZING in this) walks out and the two of them have the following conversation:

Child Jesse: Yo, Mr. White. It’s me, your former student, Jesse. I hear you’re breaking bad now.
Child Walter: That’s right, Jesse. Wanna take my life savings and buy an RV and make candy in the desert?
Child Jesse: Sounds like an awesome decision.
And it gets even better — and way, WAY darker — from there. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say that Child Gus Fring is at least as badass as his adult counterpart. A+ for everyone involved.
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