To Celebrate Shark Week, Here Are The Best Shark Movies

To Celebrate Shark Week, Here Are The Best Shark Movies

When Jaws came out in 1975, it essentially created a new subgenre of horror movie: The shark movie. And since it's Shark Week, and as such, we picked out the best of the lot, because some of these, in their own way, are pretty great. Even if that way is unintentional comedy.
We're sticking solely to horror movies that involve sharks, and we'll be ranking them from best to "best." Also, we didn't include Jaws because come on. You've seen it. Not all of these will stick to the shark movie formula (essentially, the plot of Jaws stretched beyond all credibility), but often that's a good thing. Really, you'd think some of these mayors trying to keep a beach open would have seen a movie.
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