DMC Says Jay-Z And Lil Wayne 'Ain't Hot'

DMC Says Jay-Z And Lil Wayne 'Ain't Hot'

Your reaction to this story likely depends on whether you grew up with Run–D.M.C. For those who did and still own a pristine copy of Raising Hell on vinyl, it’s a “about time someone said it” moment. To everyone else, though, it’s a reminder that as people get older, they get crankier and get off my lawnier, even if they’re kind of right.

As reported by AllHipHop, DMC, a founding member of the Queens based Hip Hop group Run-DMC, added onto recent criticisms of some of hip hop’s biggest stars in saying, “Lil Wayne [and] Jay-Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed.”
Throughout the 1980s, Run-DMC provided some of hip-hop’s earliest commercial successes. In his recent statement, DMC also noted that hip-hop has undergone a stark shift from its early epoch as a youth culture. “It was inevitable that hip-hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away,” he says. “Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again.”
He’s not wrong, I guess, but he also appears to be coming from the perspective of someone who thinks FM radio is the be all and end all. Getting your song on the radio isn’t as important as used to be, and like Alice Cooper before him, DMC is ignoring the likes of Killer Mike and Young Fathers and Chance the Rapper. You might not hear them on HOT 97 as much as, say, Nicki Minaj, but they’re still greatly shaping the sound of hip-hop in 2013, for the better.
Still, “Dumb Girl” is a great song.
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