Here's What Happens When You Mix Soap, Oil & Ink Together

Here's What Happens When You Mix Soap, Oil & Ink Together

Whilst you use ink in your stationary, oil for your bike and soap to wash yourself everyday, its rare that all three liquids come into contact with one another.
What would happen if they did? Would blending ink, soap and oil produce something similar? Or would they just cancel each other out into a soapy sludge? That’s precisely what Russian visual artist Ruslan Khasanov was compelled to find out and so he decided to embark on a series of fun experiments to test his theory.
His inspirations came whilst cooking one night, when he noticed the mixture of soy sauce and oil separating out into small black beads in his dish. Taking the same logic, he mixed different quantities of soap, oil and ink together and filmed the results. Amazingly, his unique concoction produced a vivid blend of yellows, magenta, whites and blues – all completely experimental and all mesmerising to look at.


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